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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well, if you remember, Owen’s last hair cut was pretty. . .hairy.  Ba-dum-dum.  :)  We had one outing this week and it was to get his hair cut again.  We had already cancelled once and he needed it very badly.  So I started hyping it up and promised him ice cream if he didn’t cry and let Ms. Tasia cut his hair.  Well folks, the bribery worked.  He did awesome, even putting his head down or to the side while she needed to cut.  Marble Slab was closed, so we headed to DQ to get his special treat!  Why do little boys look so big when they get their hair cut?
Picture 456
all done and so happy
Picture 458
he wanted vanilla with sprinkles
Picture 461
hmm, or do I want some of mom's?
Picture 460
"and all I get are some dumb Puffs"

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