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Thursday, January 3, 2013

random thoughts

  1. My two year old thinks he’s done with naps.  Day #3 of refusing to fall asleep.  I’m drinking a large glass of wine right now if that tells you how the late evening/bedtime routine went with that overtired boy.
  2. So I guess my son just potty trains himself and also decides when he’s done with his paci.  Since coming home from his Grandparent’s house last weekend, he has refused it.  Seriously?  Going to do something fun with him on Saturday to officially say goodbye to the pacifier!
  3. I bought this pin cushion on clearance.  I thought it was super cute in the store.  But once I got it home and started using it, I realized it’s like stabbing a bird every time.  Must get a new pin cushion
  4. My bestie is having her 2nd girl any day now. If you’re the praying type, pray for her.  She’s going to rock this VBAC!
  5. Today, I thought a lot about the little kids going back to school at Sandy Hook.  I prayed lots for their mommas as they dropped them off.  I made a few hats for this project as something tangible to do.  This gal successfully collected green and white hats (their school colors) for every kid at Sandy Hook and I was able to get 2 hats made and sent to her!  Totally forgot to take pictures.
  6. Off to sit down and watch Craigslist Joe, a recommendation I saw from Liz J. and knit a little.  First time I’ve sat down all day.  Ahhh.
That is all.  Good night!


  1. Is it pin-cushiony everywhere? You should put the pins on its head to make it look like some bird of paradise.


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