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Thursday, April 12, 2012

39 weeks!

How in the world are we this close?  It's like being 6 years old again and anticipating Christmas.  It's all you think about.  It keeps you up at night.  It makes you giggly and giddy and terribly anxious in such a wonderful way.  Labor is coming.  But so is Ellison!

Miss Ellie: is running out of room!  She's probably about 20 inches and my midwife definitely thinks she's not 8 pounds yet and will be smaller than O (who was 8lbs 10oz).  I'll take that!  She's still moving around and likes to kick my right side, but has definitely slowed down this past week as things are getting tight in there.
Appointment: On Wednesday, I met with Kristy.  Since she was running late, I nosed around and found the schedule for who's on call this next week.  I'm bummed because it looks like Ray isn't on call at all.  Oh well, I'm just praying the exactly right midwife will be there when it's time.  Ellison's heartbeat was 152 and she's very good and head down.  Just like at our last appointment, Kristy had a hard time grabbing Elli's butt (to get another feel about how much she weighs) and commented on my abs of steel.  Haha, the only time ever in my life they feel like steel. :)  We spent the rest of the appointment talking about being GBS+.  Water birth should be no problem, I may just have to have a glove on my hand in the tub.  Annoying, but totally doable to get the birth I want!  I see Ray next week on Wednesday if things haven't started yet.

Labor Signs: nothing drastic yet.  I mean it feels like her head could fall out at any moment, but that's normal right? :)  A few Braxton Hicks, especially when I overdue it.  Guess it's time to start walking, having more sex, and eating pineapple!  Haha.

Getting Things Done: I'm feeling a little more ready for this girl's arrival.  I've been lazy about taking pictures of the crafty things, so I'll get on that hopefully before she comes.  Big brother/little sis shirts are made.  Her room's almost done, just a couple more little things before I can show you.  House is getting cleaning bit by bit and the swing, bouncy seat, and pack and plays are ready to go!  My bag is getting packed and Jenna flies in on Tuesday night.  I think the plan for Owen is as put together as it can be and I have his gift "from Ellie" to give him at the hospital.  Alrighty baby girl, you can come whenever you're ready (although any days from Wednesday through Saturday would be awesome).

Ahhh, I get to meet my baby girl in a week!!!  That's pretty stinking awesome.  We'd really appreciate your prayers for a great delivery (no matter how she comes) and a good transition for Owen.

Oh, and a bad picture:
this is from Sunday, so I'm a bit bigger

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