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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ellie's Baby Sprinkle

On Monday night, I got treated to an AMAZING evening! Some gals from my small group and from Mom2Mom threw a "sprinkle." That is supposed to mean a laid back shower with them helping me restock on some diapers and wipes.  But oh no.  These ladies went all out.  Seriously, I was blown away.  My cousin, Julie decorated her house adorably and I was so proud her hidden crafty skills. :)
Look at the adorable diaper cake Louise made (and Christine did the bows).  I cannot stand that I'm going to have to take this thing apart!  And those cookies.  Ahhh. So adorable!  And not only were they the cutest thing ever, but they tasted delicious.
The food was delicious and there were no corny games (sorry to those of you who love party games) and there were so many fabulous gals that gave up their evening to come.  We just ate, talked, enjoyed time away from our kids, and then I got to open the massive amount of presents!  Not only did these gals stock us on diapers and wipes, but Ellie's closet is now rockin' the cutest outfits ever!  I mean, look at this swimsuit.  Ahhh, I could eat it, it's so cute.
a blanket my mom made
These little thank you's I made ("from my shower to yours") were in no way adequate to say how thankful and blessed we were. I mean, look at all the bags I got to put away.  Thank you ladies for a wonderful evening and the great prayer! I think we're feeling a little more ready to have a baby!!

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