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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meeting his little sister

Gotta start getting caught up on this week!  :)  Back to day #1.  My parents both had to go back to Peoria for work, so William had to stay at home with Owen for the night.  It was definitely a little sad being without him on our first night in the hospital, but Ellie and I just hung out and pretty much nursed all night.
In the morning after rounds of all our vitals, they asked if they could get her hearing test done.  I said I'd love to shower, so they took and cuddled her while I took a glorious shower.  I told William "remember when you were putting on my underwear for 2 weeks with Owen?"  And here I was taking a shower no problem by myself.  Amazing I tell ya.  I ordered breakfast and hung out with my girl until it was time for William, O, and Jenna to finally arrive.

It was definitely hard leaving Owen for all this hoopla!  But he loved hanging out with Alex and "baby" Ben and of course Grandma and Grandpa.  I didn't know, but that morning, Jenna gave Owen a big boy hair cut. He had been looking pretty homeless lately and it was long overdue.  But I felt like I left my baby and he walked into the room as a teenager.  I won't post all the pictures as they're on facebook already, but it was such a sweet moment seeing my sweet boy.
He noticed her right away.

I wanted to get him a little gift from Ellie.  Every time we were at friend's houses that had a stroller. . .it's all he played with.  He was pretty thrilled when I pulled out the stroller.  The doll and the little dog both make noise when you push their stomachs and he thought that was pretty cool.  He spent most of the visit just pushing the stroller around the room and the hallway.
He definitely wasn't interested in holding her, but he loved looking at her toes and other body parts.  He would point to her nose and then his nose.
He sat on the bed with me and cuddled a bit and loved playing with his cars on the floor that made them go super fast.
I love our first family picture!!
They hung out for a few hours and then took off to get Owen home for lunch and naptime.  I started packing up our things, because we were close to being out of there.  More on that in the next post. 

We're a family of 4!

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