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Friday, April 27, 2012

more of week 1

In the morning, we decided to have a little outing to introduce the girl to the best store in the world, Target.  Wouldn't you know, I forgot to take pictures of the event.  I had to return a couple newborn diapers, because she's definitely fitting into size 1's.  Jill brought us a fabulous meal of homemade ranch chicken nuggets which Owen loved!

We decided to divide and conquer this morning.  Since William never gets to go to story time with Owen, they dropped me off at Mom2Mom and went on a little daddy/son date to the library.  I went to our last M2M meeting of the year.  Holly is stepping down as director, so I'm glad I went on her send off morning.  She's done such a great job with it this year!!

Tuesday night, Miss Sarah came over a bit early so she could actually play with Owen and put him to bed.  We ran a quick errand and then headed to our last small group party of the trimester.  We're multiplying into several groups for the summer, so it was bittersweet as we're not all going to be together again.  Ellie slept through a great men vs. women Jeopardy game in which the women sadly were defeated.
Ellie's cord stump fell off bright and early in the morning.  There's a couple little spots that need to heal a bit more and then we'll get to break out the baby bathtub!

Jodi and Caleb came over around 9 to drop off an amazing lasagna for our evening meal.  Then around 9:30, Summer and 3 of her little ladies came over to say hello as well.  Summer knows me too well and brought a bag of Donettes, a BK gift card, and a Ellison's first Barbie doll!  I thought it was the sweetest thing ever that Izzie wanted to miss school so she could come meet Ellison.  She did a great job holding her and even trying to bounce her when she started to cry.  She's a great mommy in the making!

We all took good naps and played outside the rest of the day.  Before bedtime, Anne A came over with her arms full of goodies to meet Ellie.  She had a sweet big brother gift for Owen, diapers and book for E, a meal, and delicious chocolate chip banana bread.  Man I have some good friends!  So, all in all a busy day but it's so fun to get to show her off.  Especially since I know she's only going to be this little for another week or so!  Goodnight! 

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