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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday, April 20

On our first night home from the hospital, Owen decided to sleep through the night. This has never really happened and I don't anticipate it happening again, but let me tell you how amazing it was to not deal with him from 8-6! I haven't felt super tired yet with Ellie, but I think that's because we're up so much with Owen, it's really not that big of a change adding her into the mix. And also, it's just not as big of deal nursing her this time around. With Owen, I'd get up, change him, get my boppy, my water bottle, my phone and plant myself in my chair for the next 30-40 minutes. With her, I pull her into bed laying down, whip out my boob, and go back sleep until she's ready for side #2. Ahh, how things have changed.

Friday morning, Anne D surprised us with flower, a balloon that Owen loved, and donuts!  How awesome is she?!
At 11, we had to take Ellie to the doctor to double check for signs of infection from the GBS. Everything checked out fine.  She was down to 7lbs15oz, which is way smaller than Owen got to.  No wonder she still feels so tiny and has a couple more days in her newborn outfits.

Owen wasn't so sure about all Ellie's crying, but once the nurse gave him some stickers, he seemed pretty happy.
We decided we didn't want to make lunch, so we made a stop at Applebee's on the way home.  Not sure if I was just really hungry or what, but it was seriously one of the best meals we've had in awhile!  And Elle slept through the whole thing and Owen did great! 
Friday afternoon, my mom arrived and along with holding Ellie as much as possible, got so much done for us.  Seriously, I have no idea how she multi-tasks so well.  Laundry was done, food was made and stored in the freezer, and even a few craft projects got completed.  Makes me wish she was next door though!

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