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Thursday, April 26, 2012

first time to church

Sunday morning , I was feeling really good despite not following the rule of sleeping when your babies sleep.  So we decided to head to church to show off our little cutie.  She did great through service as did Owen!
getting ready for church
I love this outfit!
terrible picture from the cry room, but only one I got of her headband
We all came home and took a great Sunday afternoon nap!
One Week Boutique was going on this weekend and they had a little petting zoo set up.  I thought it would be fun for Owen and I'm trying hard to give him lots of attention and do a few fun things.  We when we all got up from the nap, we headed out to see the animals!  There was a little horse, some sheep, goats, pig, chickens, and donkey.  He loved it and went through the trailer 3 times!  He got a stamp on his hand each time he was done. :)
a miniature horse, not a pony
the goats were cute!
I guess Ellie didn't really care about the animals
I think the donkey was his favorite as we heard he-haw all afternoon
When we got home, our sweet neighbor Martina brought over her girls, (big) Ellie and Zoe to take a peek at baby Ellie.  She made the most amazing chicken noodle soup and made Elle the cutest little sun bonnet.  I'm hoping all these girls will be friends as they grow up as neighbors!

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