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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

going home

We were a little worried we might have to stay 48 hours because of me being GBS+.  It was purely up to the pediatrician on call, who was Dr. Tripathy.  She cleared Ellie and said we could leave at 24 hours!  Yay!  And a little hard to believe.  Just come have a baby and go home!  I got all the paperwork filled out, ate lunch with my baby in my lap and then called William to say we were about ready.  Here is my nurse, Krysteen.  She was with me both days and was just a huge support.  Gotta get her something nice for a thank you.
I got our bags together and "stole" as much stuff as I could from the hospital .  You can never have enough mesh underwear and giant pads!  William brought the car seat up and then went to pull up the van.  I took a few self-portraits as got buckled up and ready to be wheeled out.

And they sent us into the great big world with a new little person.
We got home a little after 4, got Burger King for dinner, and just hung out Jenna the rest of evening!

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