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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saturday, April 21

Saturday was a nice, relaxing day at home. My mom cooked us up a bunch of stuff for the freezer and did more laundry (I forgot how much laundry a little person can make.  Owen had fun showing Ellie all his favorite toys.
Then we did what I like to call "the newborn shoot gone wrong."  I can now seriously admire anyone who does newborn shoots on a regular basis and gets these beautiful shots of peacefully sleep newborns.  Because that's not quite how our went down.  She was sleeping quite nicely but the minute her clothes came off it was all over with.  Even with a heater on her.  This is how most shots looked. 
And did I mention that she peed everywhere?   And then the backdrop fell down on me as I was cleaning it up?  And then later she pooped all over me.  Yeah, priceless stuff those newborn shots.
But of course, Jenna is a miracle worker and got some perfect shots for Ellison's announcement and some great ones of our whole family.  I just need to make up my mind on an announcement!

Saturday early evening, Jenna and my mom headed back to Peoria.  It was time to give Ellie her first "bath."  Not a real one yet since her little cord stump hasn't fallen off yet.  But it was nice to get her smelling wonderful.  Owen was glad he didn't have to share his bathtub quite yet!

getting ready
I don't love being naked
all clean!

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