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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bear Hunt!

This morning I wasn’t feeling too hot and was desperate to get the boys doing something that didn’t involve running around the house or throwing cars at each other.  So I pulled out one of my CD’s from teaching.  Then we whipped up some binoculars by stapling together two toilet paper tubes and tying some sting on them.  Then we listened to the song while looking at the book of the song. You can download and print this book for free so you wouldn’t even need the song to go with it. After “going on a bear hunt” we ended by having snack in the bear cave which I made by throwing a few sheets over the kitchen table.  They are now playing happily in the cave while I sip on some hot tea.  I’m sure this will last for about 5 more minutes. :)IMG_9279IMG_9282 IMG_9278  blog-signature-1

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