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Thursday, December 13, 2012

outside lights

Last Sunday, I got the brilliant idea that we should put up lights on our porch. We did it last year with garland so it should have been extra easy this year as the garland was already wrapped with the lights. But nothing is ever easy is it. After they were about half hung up we decided to check the lights. Dope, half of the strands weren't working and we could not find a single replacement bulb anywhere. So the lights and garland came down. Maybe next year folks. But it was a beautiful day out so here's some pictures of the kiddos playing. Owen discovered the dirt pile and we literally had to drag him inside after a few hours. He was so happy.

my happy girl!
why are you taking so many pictures
too engrossed to look at the camera
this kid was DIRTY!
this was right before we thought of checking the lights
Ellie boucing on the front porch
Owen loved climbling the ladder


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