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Monday, December 17, 2012

Pinned It Did It Monday {car seat cover and sausage soup}

pinned itSorry for you Google reader readers who had this pop up earlier unfinished.  Owen was having fun on Mommy’s computer. :)  Anywhoo, welcome to Pinned It Did It Monday where I show you some of the pins I’ve actually done from Pinterest.  Hope you can find them useful or #1I got asked a few weeks ago to make a car seat cover for baby Claire.  I said sure and then prayed I could actually pull it off.   Luckily, Claire has the same car seat as Ellie, so I could make sure it fit as I went!
Picture I pinned:
Source: Car Seat Cover Tutorial from I’m Sharing the Wealth
My pictures: IMG_9302-001 IMG_9304-001 IMG_9305 IMG_9306 IMG_9307My review:  I am so in love with this.  If Ellison wasn’t going to a new car seat soon, I would totally make her one.  It blocks the wind without being too hot like some of the blanket covers.  And it’s just stinking cute.  Her tutorial is easy to follow.  I added the “C” and flower embellishments.  This was the first time I added bias tape to anything.  That’s the cute pink edging around the cover.  I used this and this tutorial for help and this one for learning how to “stitch in the ditch” which makes for a beautiful finished edge.  I totally forgot to take a picture ,but the underside is all pink.  Darn.  Oh well.  Love the fabric combo and am pretty happy with the new sewing skills I had to acquire for this one.  Let me know if you need a car seat cover made! :)pin #2I was looking for a soup that didn’t involve chicken as I was chickened out.  And came across this one that included sausage.
Picture I PinnedSource: Sausage and Bean Soup with Pasta from The Italian Dish Blog
My (bad) pictures:
IMG_9311IMG_9313My review:   Delish!!  Pretty easy to put together and had great flavor without being spicy.  Owen likes sausage so even he enjoyed it.  Definitely a keeper recipe!


  1. Love the pasta! I made it tonight! So delicious!

  2. Emily,
    I have a feeling you made the car seat cover for Katherine too. It is beautiful and you did a great job with your sewing! It's perfect!
    Chris Spence(Katie goulet's mom)

    1. I didn't! :) I bet Lyila did. She's been making tons of car seat covers lately. I'll pass on the compliment to her! :)


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