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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas #1 recap

I bet you guys are over Christmas, right?  Well, sorry I've got 2 more posts for you.  haha.  This was the first year our family didn't get to celebrate together ON Christmas.  So our immediate family had a nice, quiet little Christmas together.  It was so fun now that Owen really "gets" it.  He was singing happy birthday to Jesus all day and was so excited to open his presents!  The night before we put out some of his bigger gifts and his tricycle.   
Ellie got up (very) early so we hung out with the cat for a bit.
When Owen woke up he made his way right to his tricycle.  He has seen it in the basement a few months ago (thanks Craigslist), but luckily, I think he forgot about it.  Even with the seat lowered, his feet don’t quite reach the pedals, but he still loved it! IMG_9694Ellie “opened” her first little present which was super soft monkey we have named Mimi.  Maybe this will be her “lovey” toy?

Of course, the first present he picked was the largest!
Inside was a ton of instruments, just like the ones he loves to play at his music class.  I ordered them from Musician's Friend and they were very reasonable in price and great quality. 
Even Ellie loved the jingle bells and egg shakers!
Next up was some duplo sets from MeMaw and PaPaw which he LOVED!
The morning went by with lots more great presents and then a yummy cinnamon roll breakfast.
Please excuse the awful house mess in this video of Owen trying out his new tricycle.
We just relaxed until late afternoon and then headed to my Aunt Toni and Uncle Tim’s house for a Christmas meal with the Hoerr family.  This used to be a 50+ people gathering so it still feels strange that we all fit easily in 1 or 2 rooms. :)   Ellie brought her new pink car to play with.  I’m in love with this car!
Owen has taken a strong liking to my grandpa which is the sweetest thing ever.  His middle name, James, is after my Grandpa. 
The fun announcement of the evening was my uncle Nate proposed to his girlfriend, Suzanne with this beautiful little number tucked into the pocket of her North Face jacket.  We’re excited to add 2 step-cousins into the mix this summer.
Our kiddos were the youngest ones there, so we tried our best to entertain them while watching out for Ellie tearing apart the house.
Here’s my sweet little girl, sans her headgear for the day. :)
She loves to give big, soppy kisses!
And that was our Christmas!  Although it didn’t feel complete until the next weekend, which I’ll tell you about next. :)

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