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Thursday, December 20, 2012

painting day

Back up your pictures people.  This is a service announcement brought to you by my computer going on the fritz and being in “the shop” the last couple days.  Everything is fine, thank goodness!  But back up those pictures people.

Ok, onto today.  We knew we’d be stuck inside all day, so I broke out some wintertime projects.  First, we made snowmen using fake snow and marshmallows.  I put glue on first and then they had to put on the snow and marshmallows.  Owen did a really great job!  Sam needed a little help but caught on quick.  Well, until he started eating the marshmallows. :)  Picture 383-001Picture 384-001Picture 385-001Sam got down and then Owen decided he wanted to do some painting on the table.  And since my table is already super old and destroyed, I said “why not?”  I spread some more paint out for him, took his shirt off and said go to town.  Picture 387-001Picture 390-001And then he started to paint himself.  Picture 397IMG_9340His beautiful masterpiece:IMG_9353 IMG_9354IMG_9358 IMG_9338He was happy as a clam.  I simply hosed him down in the kitchen sink when he was done.  Fun times!  Ellie had fun watching and munching on some puffs.IMG_9348blog-signature-1

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