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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Owen!

pool-1795-2As of tomorrow, this sweet little guy is exactly 2 1/2.  When he gets to be in school someday, I anticipate this is when we’ll celebrate his birthday at school with treats and such, as his real birthday will be after they get out of school.  So here’s a little info about our little man and what he’s currently up to.  And you get a little sneak peak at the pictures my sister did for us on Thanksgiving.   They will all be up soon!   pool-1762Food wise, he is still a devoted dairy lover.  Cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream.  Loves it all.  Favorite fruits are still raspberries followed closely by pomegranates now that they’re back in season and coming down in price!  Loves pastrami and hot dogs, but doesn’t really care for chicken or chicken nuggets at all.  Loves carrots and sometimes peas, but veggies are definitely things I have to hide in other foods to be sure he gets some.pool-1859 pool-1861 pool-1863 pool-1868He’s a momma’s boy.  And I love it.  Don’t get me wrong, he loves time with dad.  But at the end of the day, I’m still his favorite. :)   pool-1869He’s a cuddler and touch is definitely one of his love languages.  He still plays with my hair when he gets sleepy. pool-1894Overall, he’s doing pretty good with sleep.  He still sometimes gets up once or twice, but he knows we will just come in quickly and check on him.  pool-1897 He still sleeps with his paci, Leo the Lion, and 2 other bears. This boy rocked potty training.  He never, not once, had a accident in public which this mama is so happy about.  He still wears diapers for nap and bedtime, but other than that is doing awesome going to the bathroom all day, everyday.  We just need to phase out the skittles. Haha.pool-1898 He spends his time playing cars and trucks.  Occasionally trains make an appearance, but match box type cars are definitely the preference around here.  He also still adores to read, play and listen to music, do puzzles, draw and color, and run around like a crazy boy.  He still asks to play on his “new” swing set almost everyday. pool-1900 His vocabulary continues to impress me as sentences are becoming longer and he comes up with words I had no idea he knew.  He sings the whole alphabet song, can count to 14 and can recognize a few letters.  Instead of saying their names, he says the words associated with them. For example, I show him E and he says Ellie.  Or a G and he’ll say Grandma.  I guess technically this is harder skill and someday he’ll know the letter names.pool-1901In general, he’s pretty introverted although I’m wondering if we’re going to have a tougher time with age 3.  He’s been showing a few more colors of a rambunctious side lately. pool-1902He loves his sister and attacks her regularly with kisses and hugs.  He praises her when she claps her hands or crawls.  The only thing is that he’s been getting much rougher with her as she gets bigger.  He likes to jump “over” her and lay on her.  She just giggles so I think it encourages him.  He’s had several time outs for this lately.pool-1923 His favorite TV shows include Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, SuperWhy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Arthur.  Current favorite movies we get from the library are Singing Time and the So Smart Series.pool-1997He likes to be Mr. Independent these days.  He goes up and down the stairs without holding onto anything.  He likes to zip up his own pajamas and tries to pull up his pants and put in his socks.  He enjoys taking his own bib off and get down from his chair.  He basically thinks he’s big stuffpool-1735 pool-1740This little man knows and loves his Grandma, Grandpa, MeMaw, and PaPaw.  I love how he know who they are when we talk about them and gets super excited about talking to them on the phone or going to visit.   At my parents, he makes himself at home the minute we get there by running down to the basement to start lining up the cars.

And that’s a wrap.  He is seriously one of the best things in my life.  I’m so thankful I get to be this little man’s momma.  I can’t wait to see who he grows up to be!

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