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Monday, December 3, 2012

Pinned It, Did It Monday! {fleece pants and thank you printable}

pinned itWelcome to Monday’s Pinned It, Did It where I try to implement some of the ideas that are floating around Pinterest.  This week was a little sewing project and a simple way to say thanks to a teacher or really anybody!pin #1My friend, Sara pinned this and made a cute pair for Liana.  She said they were super easy, so I thought I’d give them a shot.
Picture I Pinned:
Source: Child’s Fleece Pants from Fleece Fun
My pictures: the pink pair is Sara’s and the brown pair is mineIMG_9771photo-002My review: This was a super simple pattern and they turned out so cute for my guy.  I love having a stash of comfy pants for him to play in and now I may have to make one of these in every color imaginable!  I do like the large hem at the bottom like Sara did, but I realized I should have cut mine longer to start with.  So I did the smallest hem possible to give him more length.  And of course when I went to put in the elastic, I only had 1/2'” instead of the recommended 1” so the waistband is also smaller than I would have liked.  Oh well, they were about $1.50 to make.  That’s my kind of price for play #2
We wanted to get Mr. Bob, Owen’s music teacher a small card to say thanks.  The admin assistant there told me he goes over to County Market all the time to visit Caribou Coffee.  So this pin made my job easy.

Source: Printable Thanks a Latte from Skip to My Lou
My pictures: IMG_7624 This is what he did when I asked him to hold it for me.  He literally turned around.  Little bugger.IMG_7625 Heading in to give it to Mr. Bob.IMG_7626My review: This was so easy and cute.  I just printed the printable and backed it with a little cardstock.  Then, William brought home some coffee sleeves from Espresso Royale where he frequents regularly.  I glued the sides and bottom down leaving the top open to insert a coffee gift card.  I wrapped some green yarn around it for an extra little touch.  So cute.

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