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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Caden is 3!

Last Saturday, we had the privilege of helping Owen's friend Caden, celebrate his 3rd birthday.  The party was held at The Little Gym.  I've heard awesome things about this place, but we've never been.  And the rumors were definitely true.  He had a blast!  They did a great job facilitating large group times and games and then the kids got to go play.  Then they would all come back together for another game and then get to go play.  Very fun!       
Picture 422
checking everything out
Picture 423
Caden with Giles on the balance beam
Picture 425
Owen's turn
Picture 426
he loved jumping off this thing
Picture 428
Ellie had fun too!
Picture 430
oh no you didn't!
Picture 432
waiting for the track to be blown up
Owen seriously was a little crazy kid there.  I honestly have never seen him so crazy. He didn't follow directions or listen.  Just ran around doing what he pleased.  Even Holly wondered what got into him.  This made me wonder if he was so in love with this place that we should bring him back.  Or if I should stay far far away.  After all the fun play time, we got to enjoy cake and watching Caden open presents.  Happy birthday little man, we love you!! Picture 433

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