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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

first days of summer

Well, I guess May is not really summer but it sure felt like it today!  So much so that when I got home from work, I asked William to set up the little pool Owen got for Christmas.  Despite quite a few buckets of warm water to help with the cold hose water, it was still pretty chilly.  But he really enjoyed it!  And I must say I loved being in the sun since I could use a little color so I'm no so see-through for my cousin's wedding coming up.  Here's a few pictures of the event.  Thanks mom for the pool!  We'll look forward to adding the attached slide and basketball hoop too when he's a bit bigger.


  1. Love these!!! And, check you FB wall...I'm needing your help!

  2. Thanks sister! I knew you were my 'go-to-girl' with this one! Only 20 more days until the BIG reveal! :-)


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