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Sunday, May 29, 2011

bday busyness

*Please excuse all the bad iphone pics.*
Birthday shirt and bib started. Check.
Lids spray painted for favors.  Check.
Cupcake holder created.  Check.
Favor tins done.  Check.
Getting ready for this guy's party.  Check.
Still have lots to do though.  And don't worry, I'll post more detailed posts on many of the above things.  Sorry to Baby Emerson whose blanket is still getting worked on, to Halle whose bows are on hold, and to Baby Mac whose gift may be a bit late as well.  As soon as this party is over, I'll be crafting quickly for all you ladies! :)


  1. Halle and I are happily waiting. Owen needs a SMASHING party and you are giving him just that and that is what we would prefer. No guilt or rush Em. Enjoy this birthday party. There is nothing like it.

  2. and baby mac doesn't mind waiting, either! you guys deserve a good celebration... and there's nothing better to celebrate! can't wait to see you!


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