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Monday, May 16, 2011

random thoughts

  • Owen's 11 month post is dreadfully late. Must. Write. That.
  • Kimberly. . .I am alive.  I will email you and respond to ALL your questions.  I wish you lived next door.
  • My final VLI project is done.  But this is midterm week which means late late nights getting ready and taking tests.  4 more tests and I'm done. 
  • House hunting stinks when you have champagne taste on a beer budget. :)
  • I need a haircut.  Must call my sister.
  • Speaking of my sister, she watched Owen today for the first time today so I could make a quick Target run.  Thanks Jenna!
  • My hubby has a job and I'm done with mine (at least the current one) in 2 weeks  ::happydance::
  • I got the cutest baby announcement in the mail today from my friend Becky and while it made me so happy to see that sweet girl, Emerson, I cried because I haven't got to hold her yet and probably won't for awhile.
That's all.  We now return to our normally scheduled programming (ie cramming studying).


  1. I will be in Knoxville the last week of June for a conference... :) You could be, too?!?

    I'll be there Sunday night to the Friday morning.

  2. I agree with in Knoxville in June would be fantastic. And glad you liked the announcement. Emerson wants some cuddles from you soon :) Miss you!


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