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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

sickness & house!

Wow this whole watching your kid being sick thing is awful. But let me back up and go through the whole weekend. Friday night, Owen started getting a runny nose and sounding a little raspy. But I know we were going to have to make him tough it up Saturday morning as we had at least 10 houses to look at.

Saturday morning we met our realtor at our first choice house.  A little background.  William had spied this house awhile ago online and really liked it, particularly because it was listed way under what is sold for new in '07 (can you say built in equity?!).  He had called the person who had it listed and she informed us it had just sold.  Bummer.  But a couple days later, the lady called back to say the people's financing had fallen through.  So we got to see it Saturday morning right before it went back on the market that afternoon.  We saw a couple other places that we at the very top of our price range and just nothing compared to the first one with what we get for the price.  So before Owen lost it completely, we called off the search and went back to our place and wrote an offer!  Even though it was quick, I kept saying, well I guess I bought the first wedding dress I tried on. :)
William signing the papers - don't mind the craft mess in the background

Saturday afternoon and night, Owen kept sounding worse, but his temp was only 99.4 so I wasn't too worried. That night he wouldn't sleep more than 20 minutes on his own, so we just "slept" in the chair together.  Sunday and Monday were more of the same, coughing until he puked, runny nose, not wanting to eat any solid foods, not letting me put him down for a second etc.  We were doing the cool baths and switching between ibuprofen and Tylenol, but when his temp went up to 101.9 (I know, it's not THAT high) but I felt better seeing the doctor.  We got in within 1/2 hour of calling.  I was wrong about his weight, he's only at 21.9 pounds, which is probably down from not eating the last few days.  Diagnosis: ear infection in both ears.  He still didn't want to eat today but is asleep in his crib for the first time in a couple days!  So hopefully we're on the mend.  And in other good news: despite a bidding war, our offer was accepted on the house!  I know things could still fall through with inspection, but if everything goes as planned, we move at the end of June!  SO SO SO excited! I'll leave you with a few pictures of the sickly boy:

poor little guy

sleeping on momma

popsicles help everything

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