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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy 11 Months!

How are we so close to his first birthday?!  I am really having a hard time believing it.  This month has been so unblieveably packed with new things, I'm sure I'm going to leave something out.  I have no formal measurements as we don't go to the doctor for a few more weeks, but I'm guessing he's closing in on 23 or 24 pounds.
Milestones and other fun tings
Wow, where to begin.  One of the most fun things has been seeing how much he actually understands.  When I say we're going bye-bye, he waves and then looks at the door.  When I ask if he wants to jump in his jumperoo, he'll point at at.  He now does the sign for "more" consistently and without any prompting. He's also starting to sign "all done."  He talks all the time and says ma-ma and mom very clearly although I don't think it pertains to me yet.  When you ask him to point to your nose, he can do it!  He loves to point and wants you to say the name of everything he's pointing at.  He also gets a kick out of getting a chance to pick the book he wants to read.  I hold up 2 to choose from and he points to one he wants.  He's beginning to get the hang of crawling.  I don't think it will be long before he's moving fast:

He also loves to walk with your hands:

He loves loves loves to read books and would do so all day long if I didn't get bored with them.  Haha.  His new loves is sitting in one of books tubs and just looking at books/playing
He loves Sophie Cat (as we call her) and she's been providing great motivation for him to crawl after her.  She lets him sit on her, pull her tail, and bang on her head.  What a great cat.  She stays pretty close to him as if keeping guard:
We could name this month the teething month as it's taken up much of my time, thoughts, and sleep.  If you remember correctly, in our last month's summary, Owen had zero teeth.  Now he has 7.  Yep, that's seven.  That's how he rolls, doing everything at once.  It's been a month full of drooling, chewing on things, screaming in pain and yes, biting mom.  The first time he bit, it was in the middle of the night so I just pulled him off since I knew he was asleep.  But the next day he did it again.  So I softly thumped his cheek, took him off, and ended the feeding which he did not like at all.  But he hasn't done it since.  *fingers crossed*  Here's the order of how his teeth have come in so far:

We haven't met too many foods this kid doesn't like.  Well, I take that back.  He doesn't love bananas or the Gerber Puffs.  I know, 2 foods I thought every kid liked.  But besides that, he'll try everything.  We're in that awkward time where he's not loving baby food very much but I'm not sure he's eating enough table food.  But I'm sure that's normal.  He still nurses about 5-6 times a day (although it seemed like a lot more this last month because he wanted to nurse ALL the time when he was getting his teeth).  I bought some Vitamin D milk to try it out this week!  Here are a few of his favorite foods: fruit of any kind (esp mandarin oranges), bits of Mommy's Eggo waffles, toast, Cheerios, Mac & Cheese, tomatoes, yogurt, slices of cheese, hamburger meat, and all time favorite: cottage cheese. 

Nothing new to report.  It's about time to take some drastic measures (not sure what those are yet) because this mama is TIRED.
Why are you tired Mom?
This month really has been such a joy.  It's amazing watching this little guy turn into the person he'll become with a personality all his own.  I cannot wait to celebrate his first birthday.  I think it will be just as much a celebration of him as for us celebrating this first year of parenthood.  What a great year it has been.  I'll leave you with a few more pics:

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  1. Is he going to toss the football at the camera in the 1 year pic?? I love how you've posed him with the giraffe and football every month, he's SO big!


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