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Friday, May 20, 2011

it was bound to happen

sickness that is.  Owen started sounding a little raspy last night, but today woke with a fever, runny nose, and wheezing cough.  The PediaCare and a cool bath helped bring down his temp, but the poor guy is pretty miserable. 

He did have fun today with Miss Pam and Mr. Kevin who watched him while I worked and then treated William and I to a fabulous meal.  Here's a picture Pam sent me on their walk.  She promises he was laughing up until the second the picture was taken.

But any way, back to being sick.  Any suggestions mommas out there?  Just lots of fluids and let it run its course?  This just makes me so thankful that this is the FIRST time he's been sick.  I know many kiddos that are sick all the time with ear infections and cold after cold.  I know we're so blessed to have such a healthy kid so far!


  1. Baby tylenol or ibuprofen is good for the fever. You can turn on the shower really hot and play on the bathroom floor with him for the chest congestion. Not in the shower of course, :-) but just being in the misty room might help temporarily. A humidifier can be helpful too. For the most part, let it run its course, and keep an eye out for him tugging his ears, which can be a sign of an ear infection. If you're looking for something over the counter for the cold symptoms, ask a pharmacist. Most of them say not to give them to kids under 2, but ask. They know all that stuff. :-)

    Maybe he'll sleep now!!!

  2. If you are still breastfeeding do that as often as you can. Hydration is key.
    Both acetaminophen and ibuprofen will bring a fever down, but ibuprofen will ease head ache or inflammation (teething) and acetaminophen won't.
    You can give both. When Halle spikes a fever from cold or teething both doctor and pharmacist said Tylenol first and if she wasn't notably improved in an hour or two give her Motrin.
    That really worked.
    Be careful with humidifiers as they are the first place bacteria grows...and probably in IL in spring the humidity in the air is sufficient. Save that for dry winter air colds.
    Does he like popsicles? Halle loves them and they really sooth her when she has a cold. There are plenty natural ones. NO sugar free as those have fake sugar which infants do NOT need. Just natural fruit juices.
    Also, if he has a runny nose, put Vaseline or Eucerin on his nose and upper will keep his skin from getting sore from all the wiping.
    Feel better soon Owen!

  3. Pray off anything that may be causing this sickness. Then I suggest you pump yourself full of Vitamin C, that he can get through your breastmilk, since most babies don't do citrus just yet (but Owen may be big enough now I can't remember). But if you have extra Vitamin C & Super B Complex and Immune boosting vitamins in your breast milk it will help him. Vicks Baby rub on his chest and feet.


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