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Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 6 Months!

IMG_8241My sweet little girl is 6 months old (well, a few weeks ago).  A half a year.  Whew that went fast.   The first birthday party may already be in the planning stages.  She is developing such a sweet little personality and for the most part is a happy little girl!IMG_8201The Stats: This was a week ago or so, but she’s growing great.  She’s 16lb 12.5 oz (75th percentile) and 26.5 in (75th percentile).  Her head continues to be the perfect knitting head model at 42.5 cm and exactly the 50th percentile.  IMG_8210Milestones:  She’s been sitting up for about 3 weeks now completely by herself.   She loves the freedom this is bringing her.  I think Owen thinks she’s a big kid now because he’s been a little more rough with her lately.  She also can scoot herself backwards while on her tummy.  I have a feeling she’ll be full on moving much quicker than I want her to.  She babbles all the time and is a shrieker!!IMG_8242Loves/Hates:  She loves to sit up and play with her basket of toys.  Owen only allows her to play with certain trucks and cars, but she does love when she can get her hands on anything that’s not a “baby toy.”  She loves her jumperoo and likes to be in on all the action.  She loves bath time, especially now that she can sit up just like her brother without anything holding her.IMG_8196She loves to kick her legs.  Anytime you lay her on her back, this is what she does.  She’ll do it for awhile before putting herself to sleep.Feeding:  She is still a great nurser. She typically just nurses on one side unless it’s before bedtime.  I love nursing at this stage.  She gets so excited before diving into the boob.   She is getting a little more distractable, so we usually have to go nurse in her room to be sure she eats everything.    But onto the more fun things: “real” food!  She’s doing a great job eating.  I’m pretty lazy with this, so she only gets it about once a day.  She is the messiest eater which drives me crazy.  So far, she has had:

butternut squash
sweet potato
banana (poor girl’s tummy was a mess after these)
rice cereal IMG_8232-2Sleep: she’s a great napper.  Usually 3 a day.  One early morning, one right around lunch and the last one later in the afternoon.  I nurse her and she’ll put herself to sleep.  Nighttime sleep is awful right now though.  I feel like she’s reverted back to newborn sleep and is up every 2 hours or so “needing” the boob.  We’re about ready to do a little night weaning tough love. :)  This momma’s tired.IMG_8244 Other stuff: She is going through some major stranger anxiety.  I tried to leave her in the nursery for a Mom2Mom event and I got paged within about 10 minutes.  But she finally recognizing William as her dad though and she gives him the biggest smiles!IMG_8219Except for once or twice, she continues to leave things on her head!  I’m one happy momma about this one.IMG_8209And of course, she’s still madly in love with her brother.  She lights up when he comes in the room and watches his every move. I pray they continue to be good friends!IMG_8282 Such an amazing little person.  We love you Ellison Jakeh!


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