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Saturday, October 6, 2012

our day!

I don't think we could have packed any more into this day. But it was such a great family day! Bright and early this morning, William and Owen had some fun time playing race cars:
Then I got some fun mommy/son time. This was really one of my first times away from Ellie! Owen loves loves loves music and singing and dancing, so we decided to sign him up for a Toddler's Music Class at the Champaign School of Music. He was his usual shy self during class, but was singing the songs all afternoon, so I think he has a good time. Here he is jamming out with the drums.  These may need to get on his Christmas list:
After lunch and naptime, we booked it over to the pet fair at Prairieland Feeds.  I didn't realize what a nice size event this is!
this tiger was HUGE
really, he was interested
then we petted some horses
under the tent, there was a camel
he was quite friendly
Owen loved the goats
Then, we decided to brave the mall for something I needed to get for the kiddos.  After my quick run into Old Navy, we decided to try the carousel again. 
trying to pick their horse
Well, it definitely was a bust.  The lady stopped the ride early because Owen was crying pretty good.  He loved it before he got on, but I think we'll just be looking at the carousel from now on! All in all, a fabulously packed day.  I hope we all get good Sunday afternoon naps tomorrow!

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