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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Negangard's Pumpkin Patch

This week, I've been on the hunt for cheap pumpkins for the dinner I'm in charge of for Mom2Mom (more details come after Monday night)!  A friend directed me to this Chambana Moms article about Negangard Pumpkin Patch. I had NEVER heard of it, despite growing up here.  I decided to brave the cold on Friday and check it out.  It only took about 15 minutes to get to from Savoy.  As the article said, it's basically just pumpkins and a couple kittens.  No bells and whistles.  And sadly for us, no pumpkins.  There were a few, but they all had really bad spots on them.  I struck up a conversation with the sweet older farmer and his wife.  He said they only got about 20% of what they normally do because of the drought and what they did get was badly damaged by that freak hail storm we had awhile back.

But I will definitely be coming back next year.  They're big pumpkins are only $2 and they have a huge selection of edible acorn, butternut, and tons of other squash for $.25 a piece!  Can't beat that.  I did get some pretty gourds to help decorate my tables tonight.  And Owen had fun playing with the 2 kittens.  And Ellie was here too, but she was too bundled up to even see in any pictures.
all the pumpkins laid out in their front "yard"
picking out a white pumpkin
he wanted to pull the cart by himself
trying to pet the cat
they were pretty feisty little guys
closest I could get to him posing with a smile

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