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Thursday, October 11, 2012

house tour {Ellison's Nursery!}

My sweet little girl's room has been done for months now, but I am finally just getting around to cleaning up the piles of laundry that never get put away, taking pictures, and getting them posted! It's a pretty small room, but it's perfect for Ellison!  When you open up the door, this is what you see.  (I did take out the ottoman for the pictures since it takes up quite a bit of room.) IMG_7799 We took down the ceiling fan that was in there and added one of my favorite things. . .her light.  And by we, I mean William and my dad.  It's from IKEA and it was my splurge (kinda like I splurged on Owen's mobile).  I love, love, love it! Now let's start from the left and go clockwise around the room.  In Owen’s room, I had the 2 dressers together.  I loved that because I was able to leave the wipes and things out on the other dresser for easier access.  But there just wasn’t room to do that in this room, so her diapers and wipes are in the top drawer under the changing pad.Above her dresser is her big bow board that gets added to pretty regularly.IMG_7784Behind her crib is the one wall I did a paint treatment on.  This is absolutely my favorite thing in her room and I almost wish I had done it on all the walls.  I love is because it is so subtle.  See, in this picture, the walls just look tan.But from this angle, you see that there is a pattern on the wall.  See how I did it here.Here is a close up of her adorable pink sheets from Target.  My mom made a simple pink crib skirt with a little ruffle in it. I decided to pass on the crib bumpers this time around.  Not really because I’m all about the controversy that surrounds them, but Owen just played with them too much during nap times.  And I will do anything with this child to make her a better sleeper than he was. IMG_7844Above her crib hang another one of my favorite projects, her 3 flower balls. Moving around the room is her first closet and then her window seat.  I knew I wanted ruffle curtains.  We toyed around with the idea of making our own ruffle curtains like these or these.  But then I found this fabric from and decided it was perfect.  They had the most amazing customer service and sent me 6 FREE samples of the fabrics so I could be sure I was getting the right color pink.  And all my mom had to do was literally cut the fabric in half and sew the top so they’d fit through a rod.My mom took an extra crib sheet and covered a little pad for under the window to make a perfect place for some reading.  And a perfect place to take some of her monthly pictures.  Oh my goodness, she was tiny!IMG_6940Anywhoo, moving around she has another closet and then you see this wall.  Details on how I did the wall stuff is here.I bought a simple white light from Target and my mom helped me cover it using extra fabric from her curtains.I found 2 of these adorable pink boxes at our Tuesday Morning a store that reminds of a TJ Maxx in a way.IMG_7847Here the view from the window seat area.And a close up of what’s on the floating shelves on the left.  The doll was mine when I was little.  This is one of the only books I’ve seen that has Ellison’s name in it.  Becca and Matt gave it to her!  The little elephant in the story is a boy, but oh well. :)  And my favorite thing from this wall is the ballerina picture.  Growing up, I had a ballet themed room.  I never changed the wallpaper even in high school.  My parents bought me this picture for that room.  I had them change the mat so I could use it in Ellie’s room. But I made sure that they didn’t touch the inscription on the back.  What a cool dad I have.  He makes a pretty awesome Grandpa too. And that’s it!  Hope you enjoyed the tour as much I enjoyed putting it together for my sweet little girl!

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  1. cutest nursery i've ever seen! nice work emily (and william and ben and tina)! ;)


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