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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekend in Peoria

This past weekend, we had a fabulous time in Peoria.  We went for a couple reasons.  1) I needed help getting the kiddo's costumes done and 2) my brother, Philip, was in town to see us his new girlfriend, Kara.  We arrived Friday night just in time for some Monical's pizza.  The kiddos got to stay up late and then the adults watched We Bought A Zoo.  Cute movie, if you haven't seen it yet.

Then on Saturday morning, we ventured to downtown Peoria to go the newly opened Caterpillar Visitors Center. It's a pretty impressive building.  If you don't have kids with you, you can actually read about how Caterpillar got started and all the neat things they do around the world.  Or if you have kids, you can chase them around as they climb on the really cool tractors.

William enjoyed the architecture
thanks Louise for the adorable outfit!
getting ready to head inside
checking out the massive two-story Cat 797 truck
he really didn't love being in the driver's seat
Grandma and Ellison
we both fit in the scoop!
just a few of the tractors
walking up and down the stairs was his favorite part
William and Owen
that's one big wheel
Kara and Philip went with us
Then we went home to do lunch and naps.  That afternoon and evening, my mom and I worked on getting the kiddo's costumes all finished up.  Then on Sunday, we got to go to my parents church.  It's always so fun to see all their hard work.  We love it there!
in Sunday best
hanging out in the cry room
Kara and Philip
so cute.  haha - just checking that you read my blog :)
All in all, a fabulous weekend.  Thanks Mom for helping out with the kiddos so much while we're there.  It almost feels like a vacation.

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