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Monday, October 8, 2012

Ellie's bow board

I realized that before I give you the fill tour, I needed to fill you in on one more little project. . .Ellison’s bow board.  This thing gets used every day because yes, she rarely leaves the house without a bow. :)  I made this board using things I already had so it was “technically” free! 

I used an old bulletin board that I wasn’t using any more.  I hot glued a piece of fleece over the cork, so the board was even with the frame.  Does that make sense?  Then I stretched pink fabric over the board and hot glued it tightly to the back.  The ribbons were all from my baby sprinkle and were on gifts.  I measured and glued them evenly on the back of the board.  IMG_1281The little rolled flowers were used from leftover sheets that my mom used to make her little pad on top of her window seat.  I added a little pearl to each one and done!IMG_6568 All hung up.

I bought the flower hooks years ago at World Market.  I’m talking like for my first apartment in 2003.  But I never hung them up.  But I also couldn’t get rid of them.  I always thought they’d be so cute in a little girl’s room.  And ta-da. Perfect for holding all her headbands.IMG_7784Not sure what I’m going to do after making all her bows for winter outfits.  I’m going to have to make a second board! 

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  1. I have yet to make a bow... and I'm about to have my second daughter.. I think I need some lessons!


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