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Monday, October 8, 2012

New Library Card {another cool God story}

So I have to do some more bragging on God.  And keep a record of all the blessings he's dumping on us.  As you know if you've read this blog for any length of time, we love the library.  It probably stems from our weekly trips to the library growing up.  But every Tuesday, we head to story time, read books, get prizes for the reading clubs, and check out a new selection of titles for the week.  (Yes, I know today is Monday, but we have Mom2Mom tomorrow so we have to go to the baby story time or the 3's story time on Wednesday's.)

I have a confession to make, I didn't change my address on my library card when we moved.  As in from when we moved from my parents house way back before Owen was born.  It expired in September, so I knew I would have to figure something else out.  I had heard different scenarios of what they allowed Savoy residents to do.   Upon researching their site, I found that we could buy a card for the price Champaign residents pay in taxes.  I figured it out and it was going to be about $300.  Ouch!  But I sucked it up and figured this was one thing I was going to have to budget for each year.

So last month, I brought all my proofs of address and everything else I needed and was floored when the lady told me that they don't allow Savoy residents to buy any cards now.  We HAVE to use the Tolono library.  Now I have nothing against the Tolono library, I just really love the CPL and Owen knows his routine of going there.  I asked who I could talk to or write because we were devastated.  And then she mentioned that if my employer was in Champaign, they could write a letter and I could get a card through them.

I immediately called William and asked if his boss would be ok with that.  They seemed a little wary since the letter had to state they'll take responsibility if I don't pay my late fines on time.  But then I remembered, hey I work now too.  So I asked Scott, who I do some data entry for, if he would write the letter and I had it in my hands the next day.

So today, we took the letter and and guess what.  We have a renewed library card and it was. . .drum roll please. . .FREE!  Thank you Jesus!  I am one happy book-loving momma today!
loved the new cars that were out today
I was sad we couldn't get a card
but now I'm happy.  I love the library
And PS - Thanks Grandma for his adorable outfit today.  He looked so grown up!  

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