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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Audra’s Shower!

Friday night was my little cousin’s baby shower.  Ok, so Audra’s not really a little kid anymore but I will always picture her as one. Not as the great momma that she's soon to be.  :)  I will put a disclaimer on my pictures as they are ugly. Haha.  It was dark and my cheapy camera just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Keep your fingers crossed that “Jesus” (aka Santa to some of you who didn’t grow up in family) brings me a DSL for Christmas.  And I’ll repost some of Alyssa’s (Audra’s sister) pictures which are bound to be beautiful.IMG_7614Anywoo, back to the real post here.  Above is the guest of honor, Audra, her mom Toni, and Ellie.  Yes, Ellie matched the party colors.  :)  Audra and Eric are one of those couples who don’t find out the sex of their baby.  Gasp.  So her nursery is a gender neutral, gray and yellow.  LOVE it!  I had an absolute blast crafting for her and the shower! Let’s do a quick run down of the decor:

I started by hunting for the perfect fabric.  It was not to be found at my local sewing stores, so I ordered a ton of beautiful prints from It came fast and was gorgeous!IMG_7619The guests were welcomed by this little sign on the door.IMG_7618I made a a simple table runner for the food table.  Using my own and my mom’s collection of vases, a few from Julie, and couple from the dollar store I made a a cluster of vases.  I picked up some yellow daisies at Schnucks and just spread them out randomly.IMG_7635The food was fabulous!  Julie and Di really put out a feast!IMG_7621In the living room, I hung a group of 3 yellow paper lanterns and 4 gray pom poms.  I always use Martha’s instructions for making my pom poms.       IMG_7628IMG_7630One of my main labors of love was this little flag bunting.  Now I’ve made tons of these using paper but never have I sewed one.  I didn’t really use any directions, I just looked at the one my mom and made for Owen and winged it.  It went home with Audra to be used in her nursery.IMG_7624Next up is the diaper cake.  This beauty was made using the no-roll method found here.  Much easier to make and no unrolling the diapers for the new momma to be.  I just used extra fabric around each later and made a super-full pom pom flower for the top.  I did insert a dowel rod through the cake to give it a little more support.   Here it is next to the woman of the hour opening gifts!IMG_7637Julie had us play a darling game of the Price is Right Baby Version which of course I got absolutely no pictures of.  I was too busy winning.  That’s right, I guess buying baby things every week has paid off.  I correctly matched the most items with the correct prices. :)
the 3 beautiful sisters
I totally forgot to take a cute picture of Audra’s gift.  I took a dollar store tub and covered it with extra fabric I had from all the crafting.  I went with a “B” theme.  I added a little “B” tag to all the gifts and said B is for. . .books, boob cream (lanolin), butt paste, bowls, and a burp cloth and bib I made.  I love how it turned out.  Dang for not taking a good picture of it. Picture 157One of the best things was the Ellie was in my mom’s arms the whole night.  I’m not sure who loved it more.  It was a beautiful evening.  Cannot wait to meet Baby Wilson!!

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