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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Sunday School is our Delight. . .

. . .we love it more and more.  Tis here we learn to do what’s right and live forever more.”

Do you know that old hymn?  It’s a favorite to sing in the Hoerr family.  But for the real reason for this post.  I was asked this week to sub in Owen’s 2 year old Sunday school classroom as the lead teacher.  After making sure William was ok dealing with Ellie, I said of course.  I was looking forward to seeing what actually was going on back there since it’s been quite awhile since I taught back with the kiddos.

There must have been a boy baby boom around the time Owen was born.  I had nine kiddos and they were ALL boys.  I was actually pleasantly surprised how well it went for having that many little guys in the same space.    The morning went like this.

They played while everyone arrived and got settled.  We had a few criers that didn’t want to leave their mommies.  We did our craft project first which was really more like me taping their finger puppets together while making sure they didn’t draw with crayons all over the table and each other.   Then we got in a circle and spent some time praying for each other.  I was shocked that all but one kiddo stayed engaged while praying for each boy.  We have some rock star pray-ers in this group.  They laid hands on each other and all said “amen.”  I pray God is raising up some bold little warriors from this group.Picture 014 Then it was time for worship (ie banging their instruments as loud as they can).  And then silence fell among the room as we moved into snack and story time.  They are in the middle of learning about creation and today we read about how God made people: Adam and Eve.  Picture 016Service ran a little long today as people were getting tours of the new children’s wing that opens next week.  So excited for this.  After a little playtime, it was time to send these little men on home for lunch.  What a sweet glimpse into what Owen does every Sunday.  These boys are regulars in our pray rotation and it’s so fun to watch him starting to make real friends that he cares about.  Thank you to Miss Michelle and Miss Erica who do an amazing job with them every week. 

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