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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Owen {27.5 months}

IMG_5330This little guy just steals my heart more every day.  Thought it was about time for a post about all his current awesomeness.IMG_5057Owen loves cars, trucks, and trains.  While some boys love balls, and he enjoys throwing them every one in awhile, he lives and breathes playing with his cars.  He drives them, builds block roads for them, and lines them up in very particular ways.  Do not move them.  Even an inch.  He will notice.  His favorite phrase to me right now is “Owen play cars.  No touching.  Just watching.”   September 2012 Along with playing with his cars and books, he loves being outside!  He hides in the bushes, checks out the bugs, writes with side walk chalk, sits in his red car and “drives” to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  He has to have 4 things out at all times.  The blue dump truck, the red cozy coupe, his green wheelbarrow, and his tricycle.  We pull them all out and in every day.  Another favorite thing to do outside is to “cook.”  He puts rocks, leaves, grass, flowers, and mulch in bowls and stirs them together to serve me for lunch. Picture 022-001This picture sums him up so well.  He is definitely a shy introvert.  I mean at home, he’s a ham and talks all the time, but we step into public and he clams up.  But I know there’s lots going on up in that head of his.  Maybe he’s solving world peace or curing cancer.IMG_5336He cracks me up (and himself for that matter).  He loves to yell “William” now that he’s starting to figure out that we have first names.  He loves to make silly faces and tries to stick out his tongue.  He adores singing right now.  All the songs that we’ve sung since he was little are now finally being sung back to us.  His current favorites are Wheels on the Bus, Rain Rain Go Away, ABC’s, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Zaccheus was a Wee Little Man, and This Little Light of Mine (the blow it out verse).  He also likes to give you a word and you have to make up a song about it. When asked about things his knows, he loves to give you a silly answer.  (i.e. the cow says baaa).IMG_5223He has real friends that he talks about all the time.  He asks to pray for them most nights.  My favorite is when he says “3 Calebs - Caleb Clark, Caleb Heller and Caleb and Grace.” Guess we better work on your last name Anne A.   Picture 025-001Owen is such an amazing big brother.  We’ll see if this continues when she can actually grab for his toys.  But he brings her toys, puts her pacifier back in, smothers her in kisses, and sings her songs.  He always watches out for her and loves to tell me when he hears her get up from nap.  He also loves to sit in her chair and Bumbo. :)Picture 002IMG_4964 IMG_4969He’s kind of a hit and miss eater.  If he could survive on cheese, mommy’s yogurt (any yogurt in a container, not a go-gurt), milk, cheese crackers, fruit, and water he would.  Every couple nights, he eats wonderfully, but in general, he’s not the best eater.  Although he eats great while at my parents!IMG_5181This boy loves his technology.  He adores looking at photos and videos of himself and can easily get to all his games on my phone and the iPad.  It’s often the only way I can get him to lay down for a diaper change (which usually consists of screaming and trying to roll over or get up).   He also still hates getting his teeth brushed and even mommy’s phone doesn’t help with that.IMG_5332What else?  His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Arthur, Chuggington, and Chuck the Truck.  Hands down favorite movie is Wheels on the Bus (which is a terribly done 3 movie collection that I’m subjected to on a regular basis).  He loves his books and the library.  He currently likes to check out Arthur books and of course any books about cows or things that go.  He’s almost got counting to 13 and has most of his shapes down too.  He can spell his name and draw an O.  He points out E’s for Ellie, D's for daddy, G's for Grandma, and M’s for mom but doesn’t have much interest in other letters yet.  IMG_5133What  a fun time of learning.  I love the full sentences that come out of his mouth.  William and I ask ourselves daily, ‘where’d he learn that word?'  We love the little boy he’s growing into!

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