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Sunday, September 16, 2012

outside fun

I am completely in love with these flowers in my front yard for multiple reasons.  First, my mom had them while we growing up so I have a soft spot for these gorgeous zinnias as they make me think of her.  I tried to grow them in Lafayette, but the dirt there was so awful they never did well.  I can't get them to stop growing here!  And my other reason right now is all the "wildlife" it's brought for Owen and I to explore.  Currently there are 3 grasshoppers that we can usually find along with a white fuzzy caterpillar.  Add in some ladybugs and butterflies and you have a toddler insect heaven.
we need to name this guy
telling me about the grasshoppers eyes
Ellie enjoying the sunshine
look mom, more! 
sure enough - 2 more!
love this guy

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