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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ellie’s modeling debut

Before Ellie was born, I bought her some super cute monthly stickers from Little Baby Bumblebee on Etsy.  When I gave feedback to the seller, I included one of the pictures I take every month of Ellie for her monthly post.  Like below.IMG_7313The shop owner emailed me and asked if she could use Ellie’s pictures for the listing in her shop.  So now Ellison is modeling that style of onesie stickers in Dee’s shop.  So cute!  Check out her Etsy store if you need monthly stickers.   She has tons of amazing designs for boys and girls.  She also has stickers to document your weeks/months of pregnancy and your baby’s “firsts.”  They’re all adorable!Fullscreen capture 912012 31855 PM blog-signature-1

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