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Monday, September 10, 2012

Pinned It, Did It Monday {cleaning edition}

pinned itWelcome to Pinned It, Did It Monday, where I try to actually do some of the pins I find on Pinterest.  This week’s pins are brought to you by small group.  Meaning I’m starting to lead/host small group this week which means my house needs to get clean, fast.  So all 3 pins are cleaning related today!pin #1I have a love/hate relationship with my floors.  I love when they are clean, but I hate actually cleaning them.  With a toddler and a cat, they are constantly in need of sweeping and mopping. For the quick mops, I love my Swiffer but the refills are pricy and I use at least 2 of the wet ones for my large kitchen.  Enter this pin.  Umm duh, why didn’t I think of this. Use an old towel and sew it into a reusable Swiffer pad?! 
Picture I Pinned:
Source: Swiffer Sweeper from Natural Nester
My Picture:IMG_5094
My Review:
This took about 3 minutes to sew, and my hand towel made 2 of them.  I just poured some bleach, dish soap, vinegar, and water in a bucket and dipped my “Swiffer” in to mop with.   Now be warned, the towel soaks up a ton of water, so you’ll have to “squeeze” it out a bit before you mop.  But it worked great.  Not as great as when I get on my hands and knees and scrub, but who has time to do that every week?  Love that it’s cheap, easy, and quick!  pin #2I have yet to find a glass stove top cleaner that really works to get it clean.  So I found this.
Picture I Pinned:
Cleaning Glass Cooktop with baking soda and water #cleaning
Source: How to Clean Your Glass Cooktop from Behind the Studio
My Pictures:  Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of a glass stovetop that reflects everything.  Well trust me, it’s hard.  Here’s my just cooked on, dirty stove.  Ok I lie.  It was cooked on the night before.  Yes, Anne A just gasped.  I leave my stove dirty overnight.
Here are my befores:IMG_5064IMG_5068 Then you just generously pour on the baking soda:IMG_5069And cover with warm, soapy rags for about 15 minutes.IMG_5072 And viola, a clean stove top.  Well, don’t look too close at the streaks on the back.IMG_5087 Not bad for baking soda!IMG_5089My Review: Way cheaper and “greener” than other cleaners and I just let it soak while I was cleaning up all the other dishes.  This will definitely be the way I clean this baby from now on!
pin 3Is there anything I hate cleaning more than the bathroom?  Nope.  I mean how do the tubs and shower get so dirty when there’s so much soap being used? :)
Picture I Pinned:
Source: Pinterest Tested Tub Cleaner from The Craft Patch.  But I hate when things aren’t pinned properly.  So if you follow the links to the original source, it will get you HERE. (Tub and Shower Magic from
My Pictures: I have no shame in posting pictures of how dirty my tubs are. :)
my shower:pinterest2Owen’s tub:pinterest3My Review:It worked!  I heated the vinegar, mixed in a equal amount of blue Dawn dish soap and put it in an old Windex bottle.  I sprayed it on, let it sit about an hour and wiped away.  My shower floor probably needs another application for some stubborn spots, but even my walls washed off clean.  Score!
And there you have it.  3 cheap(er) cleaning solutions that actually work! 


  1. The tub and shower may have made me gasp more than the stove. I'm going to try all of these. They look great, easy and effective!

    1. Hahaha. Just keeping it real around here. I'd rather craft than clean any day. :) Hopefully see you soon!


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