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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday recap

IMG_7641What an amazing, packed day we had yesterday!  We had our first adventure of getting 3 kids out of the house before 8:30!   We headed off for the first Mom2Mom of the new year.  This is a ministry at the Vineyard for moms with at least one child under 5th grade.   We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.  If you’re a C/U mom, who wants to make some new friends and get some awesome support as a mother, you should join us!
Ellie wore her red because the small group I lead is the red group.  :)  The boys did great walking in together and did awesome in class!Picture 028 Picture 029It was an amazing first meeting!  The room was packed with moms and there was so much energy.  Louise and Christine have worked their tails off and wow did it pay off!  My small group which was picked randomly is an wonderful mix of ladies combined with a fabulous mentor mom, Cathy

And then after an afternoon of cleaning and baking, we kicked off our first small group!  I must say this is going to be an awesome trimester for group.  We have a wonderful mix of couples and the first group couldn’t have gone better.  We did some ice breakers just to get to know each other a bit more and also talked about what we wanted out of small group this year.  Each week, we are going to have someone share their life story in 5-7 minutes, so I shared mine to give an example.  We are really praying that this group is a place where our members are FREE to be who God’s called them to be, even with all their “junk.”  Maybe I’ll write that story out someday for the blog. :)

So crazy busy day, but one that made me so excited what God has in store for us this fall!

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