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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I {heart} Craigslist. And God.

Have you noticed a difference in my picture quality lately?  It’s ok if you haven’t.  But I have!  Let me introduce you to my new camera.  No name yet, but I’m working on it. She’s a (used) Canon EOS Rebel XS.IMG_5340But let me back up a bit.  I’ve been saving for a camera forever.  Tucking away $5 here and there to be able to get rid of my point and shoot that takes fuzzy pictures.  One night before crashing in bed late, I thought I heard God say check Craigslist for a camera.  No really, I heard it pretty clearly.  Now I check Craigslist all the time for baby gear, but I’ve never typed in the search “camera.”  So I did and low and behold, someone had just listed this camera (plus a nice carrying case, tripod, and the lens) for a great price.  I emailed him immediately and then called my mom for an “advance” on my Christmas present just in case I bought it.

I went over the next day and checked it out.  He said they’d only used it a few times and just used their small camera more.  I asked if he would take a little less for it and he said sure.  We made ourselves a deal and I’m finally an owner of a great beginner, entry level dslr camera.  Now I just need to figure my way around some editing programs.  I’ll never be my sister when it comes to taking pictures, but at least they won’t be blurry anymore!

This was totally a God thing.  Thanks for the early Christmas present mom and dad! 

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