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Thursday, August 30, 2012

goodbye purple van

Last night during dinner this big truck pulled up in front of our house with a “new” car on it.  No, not for us. . .but for my mom. She’s coming this weekend for my cousin’s shower and will drive home in a 2008 Toyota Highlander.  photo-006After I told Owen it was Grandma’s new car, with NO prompting from me he said “goodbye purple van.” I was floored. I had no idea he remembered that my mom drove a purple van.  Let along that he could put that together in a sentence.  That van has been in our family a long time, 15 years to be exact.   But you've never seen a more clean mini van.  I still remember sitting in the garage in the van when they first came home with it.  It has carted my stuff to move into my dorm at ISU, and then into my apartment in Normal, and then my apartment in Champaign, and then my house in Indiana.  It will be sad to say goodbye to the van that our family has taken on many vacations to Michigan.  photo-005I also hope we can take care of our van as long as my parents took care of theirs.  And if anyone needs a purple mini van, let me know.  They're selling it! It has 185,000 miles on it and has a "modest" oil leak. :)

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