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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tosha’s Baby Sprinkle

We had so much fun tonight blessing our friend Tosha and her sweet little girl that’s due in a month.  For baby’s #2, 3, etc we always call them sprinkles.  Smaller versions of full blown showers to just help the momma restock on diapers and such.  So I tried not to go too overboard with the crafting.  But pink is quite fun to decorate with. :)  I’ll try to give you links if possible to some of the ideas I used. 

My goal was cute, pink, and cheap!  I started with making a little flag bunting for the fireplace.  I just grabbed a few different pink papers at 50% at Hobby Lobby and cut triangles out.  I sewed (yes, you can sew paper) them onto bias tape, but you could easily glue them onto a ribbon of some sort.IMG_7588IMG_7591Then I made a small diaper cake.  I’ll have a great link to a diaper cake after the shower I have on Friday.  For this one, I took a large bottle of Johnson’s baby lotion and basically wrapped a few diapers around it and tied it tight with string.  Then I covered the string with ribbon and made a little pom pom flower for the top.IMG_7590These little guys were the favors for the ladies.  I got a ton of different pink nail polishes and just added a simple thank you tag to them.IMG_7589Next up was getting a few pink plastic table cloths.  I did sew up the sides of a few of them to make them look a little more fancy.   But the only picture I have of this has 2 ladies in it who would not like the faces they’re making in the picture. :)  I also raided the Walmart paint section.  I grabbed a couple of each pink paint chips and cut them up to use for “confetti” on the tables.  Free and they come in every color under the sun!  The flowers were from my yard! IMG_7595I borrowed the hanging lanterns from a friend so those were free too!IMG_7598 Food
Melissa did most of the food for which I’m super thankful.  My 3 contributions were cake pops, kettle corn, and the punch.  The cake pops turned out awesome.  I followed Bakerella’s instructions.  I got a foam wreath at the dollar store and spray painted it pink to hold the cake pops and made a tissue paper flower to go in the middle.   I didn’t get a picture of the punch, but it was fabulous.  Get the recipe here.IMG_7599 I made my cousin’s awesome kettle corn recipe and just added a little food coloring to make it pink.  Delish and adorable!IMG_7602 Game
We just played one short little game that I got here.  Basically, there are 12 ultrasound pictures that they had to guess which part the picture was of.  A nice change of pace from eating and guessing baby food flavors.  We had a 3 way tie for the winners! Then it was onto gifts.  Doesn’t she just look so graceful in the picture.  Only Tosha can pull that off at t-minus 4 weeks until baby.IMG_7607I crocheted this adorable little number for her girly.  She requested a “rose” colored hat.  Not sure this is exactly the color she had in mind, but I loved it!  The pattern can be found here for the hat and here for attached flower.IMG_7585 IMG_7586Then at the close of the shower, we just gathered around and prayed for Tosha, the baby, the delivery, her hubby, and her other 2 little people and their transition to a family of 5!IMG_7612 All in all, a great evening with the ladies.  We cannot wait to meet the little miss and hear what name you guys have settled on. :)


  1. All I have to say is "Wow!" You really know how to throw a party! Also, I love that you have a picture of everyone praying! I need to keep you in mind when planning the next party!!

  2. Aww thanks Carrie. I do love me a good party! And I love to help plan them for other people too! :)


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