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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

God Is Good – All The Time

Well, there’s been lots happening around here the last few months that haven’t quite made it on blogosphere.  I just didn’t really think you’d want to read about all our problems. Haha.  But I’ve been feeling this week that I put everything else out there, why not be vulnerable with the junk in our lives too.  So here it all is.  No pictures, just a boring text post.  But I want to document this life stage.  The good, the bad, and the ugly – and how God has been good through it all. 

So it all started a little after Ellie arrived. William hadn’t been feeling hot, well for almost a year, but it started to get pretty bad and after some demands requests from me, he went to the doctor.  After a few procedures, he officially got diagnosed with Ulcerative Pancolitis.   The bad is that this is a disease he will have forever and will be on prescription drugs and a special pro-biotic for the rest of this life.  The good is he’s not dying.  So we were just getting this all hammered out, when BAM, we found out we were losing our health insurance.  With about a 2 weeks notice. 

William doesn’t have health insurance through his small office and we were lucky enough to have qualified for state insurance.  But thanks to new legislation that passed, we no longer qualified.   So we started the scramble.  Getting prices and wondering where this extra $400-$500 was going to come from each month.  I mean, that’s more than our grocery budget!  And then worse news, William started getting denied because he has a pre-existing condition.  Health Alliance informed him it’s up there with cancer on their lists, automatically denied.  So we prayed.  And I had a little more faith than my budget-keeping, bill-paying hubby.  And in this last week, this is all the stuff that has happened:
  • William’s boss gave him a small pay raise to help off-set the cost of insurance since the office can’t afford to have it’s own health insurance.
  • William's boss encouraged him to get licensed and offered him some incentives to help this happen.
  • I put some advertising on my blog, which you may have noticed. Thanks for clicking on a link if it actually appeals to you! :) I can see how blogs with huge followings can do it for a full time job!
  • We qualified for WIC food assistance.  Yes, that took some humility to write.  And yes, it’s a very humbling process to apply and even use the vouchers at the store.  But God is teaching me a lot through it.  Maybe I’ll write more on this later.  Anyone need some extra milk?   Seriously it’s the one thing we get way too much of.
  • I had posted an ad on Craigslist about doing some babysitting again.  I got a few responses but nothing that felt like a good fit.  Until I heard from Carrie!  Tomorrow I will introduce you to our new  “once a week family member,” Sam.  He’s an absolute doll and I’m really hoping this is a wonderful situation for all involved!
  • Scott, our investor/money guy needed someone to do some data entry for him.  FROM HOME.  He knew we were in a bit of a tight spot so he offered it to me.  Yes, I’m a little worried about where I’m going to find the time, but am so so thankful for the little extra that will help my insurance to be covered.  You know, just in case I want to have another baby.  Haha, not pregnant.  Just making sure you were still awake.
Wow, thank you God.  So there you have it.  Some of the stuff going on at our place.  We’d still love some prayers for complete healing for William.  And for all the transitions of taking on a new kiddo, trying to work a little from home, and still be the kind of momma I want to be.


  1. WIC is an awesome program. I've slacked off on going back for our vouchers lately, but we've really been feeling the extra milk cost since our kiddos are milk fanatics. Thanks for sharing. It's good to hear that my prayers for you guys are being answered in creative ways! Will continue praying for smooth transitions and healing!

  2. Thank you for being so open and sharing how God is working through all these different circumstances. You're a beacon of light to the people around you, Emily!

  3. Sam and Carrie are our neighbors!! Awesome. :)

  4. Emily and William, just wanted to let you know that I had ulcerative pancolitis too, and was healed of it at a small group meeting at your house, Emily. I know it seems like a lot of hard news all at once, but I pray that God will use it for his glory...and cure William too.


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