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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thursday with Sam

Hi C, R, and Sam!  :)  Here’s a recap of what we did on Thursday when Sam came to play with us.  As always, the day begins with playing cars, airplanes, trucks, trains, and all things GO!  These two are definitely all boy!  Sam liked Cranky the Crane for awhile.Picture 115When that got boring, we got out a “new” toy that Sam hadn’t seen and Owen hasn’t played with in a long time.  This brought quite a long time of chasing each other through the tunnel.  They were pretty hilarious to watch!Picture 118Picture 120 Picture 121Then we took a break for some music styling's by Owen and Sam on the piano:I think it was safe to say I wore both boys out. (Notice the helicopter in his hand.  “UP” is one of his favorite words!)Picture 117Since we had made quite the mess, after naptime we did a few “games” to try and teach these boys about cleaning up.  At this rate, they’ll be dusting and vacuuming for me in a few weeks. ;)  Here they are cleaning the table:Picture 122Another great with Sambo, Sammy boy, Super Sam.  C&R – any other fun nicknames you have for him? :)  See you next week!

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