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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I {heart} Pampers & and free stuff

So I’ve been an avid Pampers fan since Owen first arrived.  Yes, we buy the off brands occasionally (especially now that he’s older), but in general this is one area where I’m a bit of a brand snob.  For some reason we weren’t making it through the night without a pee-through.  So on a whim I used Huggies overnights.  We never had another problem.  Last week, we ran out and they were totally out of his size, so I decided to buy the Pampers overnights.  I also wanted the Pampers points.  Well, the first 3 times we used them he leaked.

Now I’m not much of a complainer.  But one thing I’ve learned through couponing is that companies are eager to keep you as a customer.  So I emailed Pampers a nice email and stated that we are loyal Pampers users but were disappointed in their overnight diapers.  I was polite as I could be.  And less than 24 hours later, I received the email below which says I’ll be getting $20 of coupons in the mail.  Totally worth the 2 minutes I spent emailing them!  

We will definitely continue to be Pampers fans as long as I am a disposable-diapering momma.  (which in case you’re wondering will be forever :).

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