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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pinned It, Did It Monday! {pot pie and muffins}

pinned itIt’s Monday again, which means I tell you about the pins from Pinterest that I actually did this week.  I started 2 new jobs so my crafting time was somewhat nonexistent limited.  I did finish something that I cannot wait to show you.  But it has to get in the mail to the momma-to-be before I can show it to you (because I know you read this Lindsey :).  So today is going to be pretty boring with just 2 recipes to share with you.     pin #1Picture I Pinned:
Hearty Chicken Pot Pie
Source: Hearty Chicken Pot Pie from Betty Crocker
My Pictures:Picture 005Picture 006My Review: I needed a quick and easy meal that involved chicken and some frozen veggies that were close to freezer burn.  And this is what I decided on.  With a few tweaks, I would recommend this recipe.  I used homemade cream of chicken soup.  Not because I’m worried about the sodium or anything but because after I defrosted my chicken, I realized I didn’t have any in the pantry. So much for my pantry organization.  So that may have made it too thick.  So I would use more milk .  I doubled everything and next time I would not double the “crust.”  It was a little too think and probably was another reason it was dry.  But overall, the taste was good!  Be sure to add the thyme and this is a easy recipe to have on #2I love breakfast foods of all kinds.  And I always try to make something new and hot on Saturday mornings when I have someone to help wrangle the kiddos.
Picture I Pinned:
Source: French Breakfast Muffins from Velvet Lava Cafe
My Pictures:
Picture 008
Picture 007
He wanted to hold the plate.  And yes, then he dumped them.
Picture 010
a huge smile?!  they must be delicious!
My Review:  Amazing!  So simple to make but they were delicious!  These will absolutely be made again very soon!

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