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Sunday, August 19, 2012

more time with friends

On Friday, we had 6 kids at our house.  Remind me to never have 6 kids ok? :)  No really, it was actually pretty fun since Anne was here with me.  It was her 2, my 2, and then we were also watching Taylor and Lucy.  Here’s a picture Caleb and Owen.  This was the first playdate we’ve had together where they really played with each other.  Ok seriously aren’t they adorable?Picture 111 And is there something you notice about this picture.  Or maybe something you don’t notice?  That’s right, Owen is now pacifier free!  After Ellie was born he seemed to be getting more and more attached to it.  And I was getting tired of not being able to see that smile in pictures.  He can still have it at naps and bedtime because I’m not ready for that transition yet.  But it’s been a much easier process than I thought it would be!  Yay for becoming more of a “big boy!”

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